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Everything your start-up needs for 24/7 protection, with no need for expensive tools or experts.

CyberSmart for start-ups secures all employee devices that touch your company data.

Before you go ahead, you need to qualify with the following:

  • Your company has revenue of less than £5m ARR

  • Your company must have under 50 employees
  • You must have been incorporated in the last 5 years (2017+)

Once you click "Get Started", select the 35-49 company size, select yearly, then enter the code: FORSTARTUPS at the checkout to claim your offer


Why you need CyberSmart for start-ups

Good cybersecurity has become essential for start-ups.

Without it, you risk a credibility gap with the big enterprise customers, dissatisfied investors, and being put out of business by a successful cyber attack.

Protecting your business on a budget is tough

Calling in the experts or investing in the latest tools is expensive. So what can you do?

CyberSmart for start-ups

Contains everything you need for round-the-clock protection against cyber threats, without the price tag. 

Start-ups protected include:


What you get

Human error and confusion are the most common causes of cyber breaches. But if your people don’t understand what risky behaviour looks like, they can’t protect themselves.  

Active Protect

Constant assurance your team and their devices are safe, no matter where they are.

Policy Manager

Do your staff know what to do in a crisis? Use our policy manager to generate, distribute, and check who’s reading your data and security policies.

CyberSmart Dashboard

An easy-to-use dashboard that manages cybersecurity visibility across your organisation.

Cyber Insurance

Up to £25k in cyber insurance cover with our partners at Superscript.

Cyber Essentials

Government-backed cybersecurity certification as recommended by the ICO and FCA

Responsive Support

All the support you need from our team of cybersecurity experts

Work safely from anywhere

Does your start-up use cloud services and allow BYOD?

You need to be certain employees’ devices are up-to-date, correctly configured and password protected. Without this, your data could be at risk.

Does it have to be expensive company-owned, configured and managed equipment?

The smarter choice is CyberSmart Active Protect. It checks computers for the key security requirements, reports on any problems, and gives you the tools to fix them – all delivered in simple, jargon-free language.


As part of Active Protect, you’ll also receive access to CyberSmart Academy – simple, bite-sized training to help your staff develop the skills they need.

Why our customers love us

We were looking for a layer of security for our remote workforce. Our model was always flexible, but the CyberSmart guys have really enabled us to embed security into this flexibility. 

- Helen Goldberg, COO, LegalEdge

Not only does the product make the whole process easy and self-service, the team at CyberSmart have been extremely knowledgeable and have gone out of their way to make the process completely painless.

– James, CEO, GoSquared

They have a very user-friendly interface and staff that compliments this. They are highly responsive, welcoming, and helpful.

– Benjamin Pook, Director, Play Verto

Navigating the world of information & data security is hard, but CyberSmart has made it easy for us at CharlieHR - they've been supporting and knowledgeable every step of the way, we wouldn't be where we are if it weren't for them.

– Ben, COO, CharlieHR

Simple Pricing

Affordable pricing to scale your security as you grow.

Cyber Essentials + Active Protect

(up to 49 users)


⚪️ £25k cyber insurance included

⚪️ Cyber Essentials Certification

⚪️ Unlimited expert guidance

⚪️ 24/7 Active Protect on all your compatible devices

⚪️ Full visibility of every devices security status in your business

⚪️ Cyber security training and smart policies delivered to your staff

⚪️ Supports Apple & Microsoft operating systems

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